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Do you want more energy, less body fat, reverse aging markers and have more high performance moments each day? Doug has helped 10’s of 1,000’s of people achieve all of these health benefits from professional athletes, CEO’s and any busy person wanting optimal health. There are 3 paths created to help you reach optimal health. His top plan is an all inclusive health coaching program that is personalized for increased energy, productivity and longevity. This program includes monthly customized nutrient paks, bloodwork and labs tested multiple times yearly to determine disease risk, longevity markers and nutrient needs. As well as in person 1-on-1 consultations from Doug and his wife Hilary. He personally analyzes your labs, performs other diagnostic tests and then designs nutrient programs, and monthly follow ups. His wife Hilary, who is a Natural Olympia Figure Pro champion, helps with the nutrition and exercise components with each client. Keep scrolling down to see all of the programs offered to see which one fits your cravings for Optimal Health.


Also known as “The Formulator” by CEOs and the Professional Sports circuit
As the first nutritionist ever hired by the National Basketball Association (NBA), he became known as “VitaMan” while working with the Phoenix Suns. Later, that nickname transitioned into simply, “The Formulator” and it stuck.

Douglas built his reputation by formulating programs for professional athletes, health professionals, and more to achieve optimal health. He expertly creates these personalized health programs by analyzing bloodwork to create customized supplement and nutrition protocols that improve both health and performance.
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Douglas does still offer an elite and exclusive 1-on-1 nutrition and supplementation consultation program. We fondly call it “1-on-1 With The FORMULATOR.” He also offers other packages to help people at any stage of their fitness journey.

The key is to help people create more high performance moments in their lives at work, play and with family. Being present with a high amount of energy and health in all situations is one of the most valuable achievements we can have. Doug helps you achieve this goal through simple programs created from the data and years of experience.
Douglas takes on a limited number of people for this program based on specific criteria.


Exclusive nutrition and supplementation consultation program

There are 3 different options available based on your health and FITNESS needs.

* In addition, there is a popular program he and his hall of fame strength coach friends created for youth between the age of 15 – 30 to gain 20+ pounds of natural muscle in 10 weeks..



The most exclusive and all inclusive package offered by Doug and Hilary utilized by many top CEO’s, Executives and Athletes around the world. It includes everything from the Diamond Program along with personal visits from Doug & Hilary at your location twice a year. Doug will perform additional tests and motivational procedures like showing you your blood live on a monitor and explaining in-depth the health of your red blood cells and immune system. You will also get a 3D body scan that provides details on body fat, posture and disease risk. Doug & Hilary will sit down with you and after gathering all the data, they will design your entire health program for the year while working to guide and help you every step of the way.

Click on the link to learn more or schedule a zoom call to learn the details and determine which package works best for you. If needed, you can also call our office at 800-890-4547 and ask for Doug’s Executive Assistant for details.

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Diamond Program – Everything from the Do It Yourself Program plus online personal exercise training and nutrition programs designed by Doug & Hilary.

Doug has created an exercise protocol and eating plan for 40+ aged men that keeps them extremely fit, lean and agile.  For the ladies on this program, Hilary has designed a specific nutrition and exercise program to help strengthen and shape the body (yes booty also) and reduce body fat to a healthy fit level.  The exercise and nutrition programs are delivered via our custom app and monitored in real time to ensure you get the attention you need to stay focused and accountable.
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Do It Yourself Programs  –  Nutrients Rx determines exactly what nutrients your body needs through blood, lab work and a comprehensive questionnaire. Then, based on your lab results and desires, it creates an easy-to-understand report and personalized supplement regimen with everything included. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars each month on multiple bottles of vitamin supplements, you’ll receive an entire Custom Pak of whole food based vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics, and herbs that you know you’ll benefit from. How will you know? When you get another set of lab work, you can see the improvement.

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Testing Over 200 Biomarkers

Blood and lab work testing over 200 biomarkers to determine your risk for top diseases, such as: Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Arthritis, while also determining liver function, kidney function, thyroid health and hormone balance. Douglas’s analysis soars in comparison to general blood and lab work as all major nutrients are also tested (essential vitamin and mineral levels). Everything needed to assess your factors for optimal quality and longevity of life. If necessary, he will order additional parameter tests throughout the experience at no extra charge.

1-On-1 Live Review Of Your Results And Nutritional Needs

Douglas will review your results and nutritional needs 1-on-1 with you via Zoom. He will spend the time to discuss your goals and desires, along with your results, to create a unique, personalized supplement protocol with every nutrient needed, helping the pendulum swing to your favor.

  • If any results are concerning, a Medical Doctor on his staff will be brought into the consultation calls to answer any questions and help with potential pathology concerns.

Proven Whole-Food Supplements

All recommended supplements are sourced from potent whole food sources (never synthetics) and are pre-digested to ensure effectiveness. The price for any and all needed supplements is included within this program’s all inclusive cost. They will be shipped to you automatically each month.

6 Month Progress Evaluation

At the conclusion of the 6 month experience, your blood and lab work will be redrawn and analyzed to objectively show your improvement and to pivot the customized program if needed.



This exclusive Personalized Health Program is the same program the elite professional teams, team owners, CEO’s, Olympic athletes and others have hired him for.

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