Douglas D. Grant, also known as “The Formulator,” is a world-renowned nutritionist and professional trainer. He was the first nutritionist ever hired by an NBA team as a full-time staff member. Douglas has spent most of his career researching and formulating programs and products that health professionals, professional athletes, and the public use to reach optimal health and performance.

Douglas lives with his wife Hilary Dewitt Grant of 20 years and has 4 children who all work with him in the health field. They strive to live a healthy fitness lifestyle, participating in sports when possible. Douglas’s wife and 3 of his children have competed at high levels in natural bodybuilding.



Everyone can make a positive impact.

Every person on earth—independent of race, infirmity, past mistakes or environmental conditions—can make an impact for good that affects generations to come.

Everyone can achieve optimal health.

Optimal health is possible for everyone; it just looks different for each individual, depending on their situation. A person who has a disability or is fighting a serious disease still can make healthy choices that affect the current condition for the betterment of life.

Success and lasting happiness can come from balancing 4 principles: spiritual, physical, moral and financial.

Success and lasting happiness come from balancing 4 principles: spiritual, physical, moral and financial. Every success and heartache stems from whether or not these principles are balanced in one’s life. Our daily habits determine the balance in the long run and take constant fine tuning with a willingness to adjust and improve.


If I can do things that make an impact, anyone can.

Following the principles of eating healthy, exercising and taking my vitamins has been my “life” consistently. Other principles in business and personal life are a constant battle like many go through. It is much like a rollercoaster with the goal to keep inching a bit higher each time you crest the next hill. OHS has been in existence for over 20 years. Since then I have started up 25 other businesses, most of which have come and gone. However, every last one of them proved to be beneficial in one way or another. Even the ones that failed taught me valuable lessons that prepared me for the next opportunity. Not one was a mistake or a loss. I believe that we either succeed or learn.

The key is to focus on the habits that work for your betterment and commit to work on the others consistently. Everyone can make a positive impact in the world for the betterment of humanity no matter his/her past. You just have to remember that you can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep repeating the last one. Don’t let your previous mistakes or what people say negatively stop you from working on balance and creating a positive impact for the future. If you have to be competitive toward naysayers in order to keep going remember that the ultimate answer to criticism is massive success.

Finding Balance and Happiness in Your Own Life

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