Our Mission is to raise the standard of health and fitness by providing superior systems of extraordinary service, motivational support, and customized nutrition, exercise, and specific supplementation, creating for every individual, the expectation and ability to gain optimal health.
Achieve Optimal Health with Douglas D.
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How to Achieve Optimal Health Without Compromise

OHS has serviced many of the top professional athletes in the world, plus thousands of doctors worldwide. They want the best with no compromise. We understand, as does the U.S. Surgeon General, that most diseases, low energy levels, and premature aging come from not obeying simple laws of nature when it comes to lifestyle choices.

Follow the Laws of Nature

One of the most important principles we believe in is to “respect nature”. Doing this while taking advantage of great advancements can be tricky. We know that nature created foods and nutrients with compounds and components that will never be fully understood, nor will they be able to be duplicated in a lab. Because of this, we always stick with formulating with whole foods and not synthetics. We utilize advancements in knowledge to help with fermentation and the tools to bring products to market but without compromising respect for a greater powers’ creation.
Holistic Health From Douglas D. Grant and Optimal Health Systems
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Drugs and Surgeries have their place but lifestyle is usually the cause and fix

The problem is that many have fallen into the trap of believing that only drugs and quick fix surgeries are the best way to gain better health when many times research shows lifestyle is where we should look first. Drugs and surgeries were made for crisis care—and the pharmaceutical companies and surgeons are great at helping with crisis care situations. Douglas and Hilary Grant’s mission is to help the public, patients, Doctors and athletes have easy access to lifestyle options that might just be the fix short and long term for optimal health.