Since 1990 Douglas D. Grant and his companies have worked tirelessly to serve Doctors, Patients, Athletes and the Public. The lifelong commitment has been and will continue to be the creation of systems to help people reach optimal health. Below are testimonials from people from all walks of life who have benefitted from this mission.
Douglas holding supplement patient

ESPN NBA Analyst

“The physical demands of years in the NBA had taken a real toll on my body. My energy levels had dropped. With Douglas D. Grant’s systems, the change in my health was impressive-and I could see that it was actually a change at the cellular level through the testing they provided. My performance improved dramatically, and I continue to use his nutritional formulations on a daily basis.”

Bill Foran

World-Renowned Strength Coach, Bill Foran, talks about his experience with Douglas D. Grant and Optimal Health Systems.

Andy N.

“Great whole food nutrition philosophy that makes real sense! The right ingredients in the right ratio and the right form. I like!”

Dr. JeNeen Ridgeway, DC, BCND

“Here is my 5-star review on Mr. Douglas D. Grant and Optimal Health Systems.

Dr. John Keifer

“OHS is the most excellent company I’ve dealt within the last 40 years in reference to our formulas.’

Rawle Sylvester, MD

“I went back to my clinic and immediately started recommending these products to my patients… I am totally impressed with [OHS] products.”

Diane Snelling, ND

“In the world of natural healthcare and metabolic nutrition, I have found no better mentor than Douglas. I’ve attended many of his lectures, listened to his videos, spoken with him in person, and always walked away feeling optimistic and excited about the products and protocols he’s developed. It’s one thing to know about health and another to implement the practices necessary to maintain it. Douglas D. Grant has made it easier for me to explain and motivate my patients to take on the challenge of improving their health and as a result, the health and wellbeing of their families and loved ones.”

Dr. Gerri Kier

“My body performed better this time… at 56!”

Dr. David Hancock

“Never seen nutrition work quite as good as OHS and I’ve used all the major brands…”

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