We help people have more energy, less pain and live a long healthy life.

Douglas D. and the Optimal Health Systems Team

Our roots go back to 1990. We brought some amazing innovations to the industry with high potency formulas based on whole foods, and cutting-edge nutrition, exercise and testing systems for all our clients. We now encompass several companies under one umbrella, each of them filling specific niches in the health world. We also aim to support a practice’s ability to decrease healing time, and increase the optimal health of patients.

Doug Grant and his wife Hilary Dewitt Grant have worked with the incredible OHS team to develop products and programs that are changing people’s nutritional status and health. Some of our products include his Patented Muscle Rx,  Optimal Fruit and Veggie Plus and Optimal 1 Digestion. Optimal Fruit and Veggie Plus is the most potent antioxidant and phytonutrient on the market, improving metabolic disorders and degenerative diseases. OHS Supplements range from a variety of minerals and supplements to boost your energy, help allergies, and give you vital support to your health. Optimal 1 Digestion helps break down nutrients so your gut can digest better.



Douglas does still offer an elite and exclusive 1-on-1 nutrition and supplementation consultation program. We fondly call it “1-on-1 With The FORMULATOR.” He also offers other packages to help people at any stage of their fitness journey.

The key is to help people create more high performance moments in their lives at work, play and with family. Being present with a high amount of energy and health in all situations is one of the most valuable achievements we can have. Doug helps you achieve this goal through simple programs created from the data and years of experience.
Douglas D. and the Optimal Health System Client Services Team


The front line of people who answer the door and phones, and help make sure your needs are met.
Douglas D. and the Optimal Health Systems Finance Team


Keep everyone happy by making sure everyone gets paid in a timely fashion, along with stay on top of any transaction issues that may occur.
Douglas D. and the Optimal Health System Graphics Team


Visual design experts that produce everything from product labels and informational flyers to Instagram posts videos on the latest trending topics.
Douglas D. and the Optimal Health System IT Team


Health-loving tech wizzes who take steps to make sure all your information remains secure and our digital store is easy to navigate.
Douglas D. and the Optimal Health System Management Team


The healthy glue that holds together and works synergistically with every last department, along with our clients.
Douglas D. and the Optimal Health System Production Team


Experts in the art of ensuring purity, safety, and cleanliness while bottling, labeling and packaging products.
Douglas D. and the Optimal Health System Sales Rep Team


The beating heart of our company, these friendly, knowledgable staff members connect clients with our products and wealth of information. They also answer questions as needed, or connect you to the right person with the best answer.
Douglas D. and the Optimal Health System Shipping Team


Attention-detailed employees who make sure the right products get to the right people and make every effort to ensure everything arrives in excellent condition.
Douglas D. Optimal Health Systems Content Writing Team


Deliver blogs, edumails, flyers, books, Special Health Reports and more so you can stay informed and make what you believe is the best decision for your health.

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