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What is OHS?

Optimal Health Systems (OHS) is a holistic health company that promotes multiple aspects of whole health. We base all of our formulas on proven scientific research that obey the laws of nature.

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What isthe goal?

What are Douglas D. Grant’s credentials?

– B.S. Nutrition, Post Grad American College of Sports Medicine

– Founder Formulator Optimal Health Systems

– 1st Nutritionist ever hired by an NBA team

– Trainer of Doctors worldwide

– Author

Meet Douglas

What is Douglas D. Grant’s Curriculum Vitae?

Education: Bachelor of Science – American Holistic College of Nutrition, Arizona State University

Post Graduate: American College Sports Medicine (Exercise Rehab)

Personal Trainer: American Council on Exercise


National Federation of Professional Trainers
National Academy of Sports Sciences
Nutritional Microscopist and Nationally Licensed Phlebotomist

Business Background:
Founder of a personal fitness training facility where over 40,000 one-on-one training sessions were conducted

Founder of international health and fitness company Optimal Health Systems, a whole food supplement company servicing over 10,000 doctors worldwide

Owner of patented and proprietary processes for a nutritional anabolic composition is the most famous patent created by Douglas D. Grant

Previous Board member consulting on Nutritional formulations for distinguished Naturopath Medical board (Southwest Naturopath College)

Co-Owner and Publisher of Iron Man Magazine ( The oldest fitness magazine in the world founded in 1936)

Program Designer/ Author of books, manuals, video, and audiotapes that promote a unique, holistic approach to health

Creator of training and testing programs for Health Professionals ranging from nutritional bloodwork, urinalysis, and other testing systems.

Team Nutritionist:

Team Nutritionist for the Phoenix Suns and the Phoenix Mercury for over a decade

Nutritional consultant to the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat

Many other teams and individual players seek Doug out for nutritional council

Formulator: Formulator of 100’s of nutritional products for many nutrition companies. Patent and proprietary formula holder.

Presenter: Keynote, guest speaker and seminar presenter for hundreds of trade expos, seminars, medical conventions, and corporate retreats

Other Honors:
1993 Drug-Free World Champion in the Bench Press Achievements

A weekly television program called “Getting fit with Doug” and 100’s of guest appearances on radio/television in the 1990s

Judge for Natural Body Building and Fitness contests, and various other health-related shows

Featured in Success Magazine and other magazine and full-page newspaper articles

The previous holder of Guinness Book of World’s Record for doing 121 push-ups in 1 minute, accomplished April 18, 2001

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