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Douglas offers the same program the elite professional teams, team owners, CEOs, Olympic athletes, and others have hired him for.

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If we can provide inspiration through the energy people feel from us and the transformation from the tools we provide, our life will be full of happiness, success, and joy.

Douglas D. Grant, Founder/Formulator, OHS
Our Mission


Holistic doctors around the world are able to take their services to the next level, and patients are experiencing relief they couldn’t find elsewhere. Optimal Health Systems makes healthcare and supplementation simple by giving the doctors the tools they need and easy-to-follow protocols for patients.

“I went back to my clinic and immediately started recommending these products to my patients… I am totally impressed with [OHS] products.”

Rawle Sylvester, MD

“Never seen nutrition work quite as good as OHS and I’ve used all the major brands…”

Dr. David Hancock, Hancock Healthcare

“My body performed better this time… at 56!”

Dr. Gerri Kier, Complete Nutrition Alliance

“OHS is the most excellent company I’ve dealt within the last 40 years in reference to our formulas.”

Dr. John Keifer

With all the diet books, experts and fads out there, have you ever wondered how to tell which approach is truly the best? Which one will actually get you slim and healthy?

Just for you, Nutrition 101

This 30-page booklet provides the blueprint for navigating which foods are healthy and which foods are not, and why.


Watch the live training on how we have helped thousands of Health Professionals “Increase their patients healing time by 2x while 5x increasing their residual income!”

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