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PODCAST: Wealth Talks “Can TUMS Make You Sick?”

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The purpose of TUMS and other antacids seems straightforward – almost like a magical formula to solve Heartburn and acid indigestion. But how do antacids work? They either neutralize the acid in your stomach or, depending on the product, they might prevent you from making as much acid in the first place. With no acid to slosh up your esophagus, you can’t get heartburn!

This all seems great, but an interesting study shows that those who took antacids were more likely to become ill than those who did not. The acids in your stomach protect you from diseases. With these acids destroyed, germs can move right in and pull a chair up to the fire, so to speak.

Eating raw foods will keep your immune system strong and will also help too keep you from getting heartburn, as your stomach doesn’t have to produce as much acid to break down these foods.

But let’s face it. Replacing a Big hamburger and fries with cool Brussel sprouts and carrot sticks, can be disheartening to say the least.

Today on Wealth Talks, Nutritionist Douglas D. Grant reveals the natural solution to excess stomach acid. And no, you don’t have to munch Brussel sprouts for the rest of your life!