The three vitamins Scotland feels are crucial enough to hand out for free

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The tide is turning.

Just a few years ago news headlines ranted that vitamin supplements were of little to no value.

In fact, Forbes magazine publishes a long list of vitamin supplements they say you don’t need just about every year.

Apparently, someone forgot to tell Scotland about Forbes’ hit pieces, because the government there feels vitamin supplements are so critical they give them away for free.

Or it could be that the benefits of vitamin supplements have become so evident today that the point can no longer be argued.

From ‘not needed’ to ‘so urgent the government must do it’

Today governments use tax dollars to provide for free the very supplements they said a few years ago you shouldn’t buy!

According to BBC News, in April of 2017, the Scottish government started to provide three vitamin supplements for free to all pregnant women. Previously free supplements were only available to women deemed as low income.

The Scottish government said the move was aimed at improving the health of mothers and babies, and had widespread support from health workers.

Public health minister Aileen Campbell said: “We are committed to giving every child in Scotland the very best start in life, and helping women to enjoy a healthy pregnancy is a key part of this.

“There is strong evidence that taking vitamins during pregnancy improves both the mother and baby’s health.

“By offering them to all pregnant women we can contribute towards giving every baby a fair and equal chance–a move that is widely supported by healthcare professionals.”

The three vitamins that were deemed most critical

Whether you agree or not that this is a legitimate job of government, there is something we can learn from this new policy. Namely, which vitamins are governments now acknowledging as beneficial.

In this case… Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and Folic acid (vitamin B9).

Kudos to the bureaucrats for finally recognizing that supplementing vitamins D, C and B9 can provide dramatic health improvements… but why stop there?

Vitamins A, E, and K are also critical. So are all the essential minerals.

In fact, every study conducted in the past ten years has demonstrated widespread deficiencies of all the critical vitamins and minerals among the general population.

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Source: BBC News.